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Over the past 20 years, RLO Consulting has enjoyed the opportunity to work with many non profit organizations as a paid consultant and as a pro-bono volunteer. During that time RLO has acquired tremendous knowledge of the inner-workings of non profit organizations and has developed a plan to help increase revenue and reduce expenses.

RLO has developed a “Non-Profit Tool Kit” and is very confident that any fees paid to retain our services will be recouped by the non-profit organization by using this tool kit.

RLO prides itself in its ability to customize a plan to help any non profit regardless of their size, fundraising goals or time in existence.

There are many “tools of the trade” that RLO Consulting has learned about and developed for the non profit industry. The secret to RLO’s success has been taking these tools and implementing them in the industry.  To download RLO’s Non-Profit Consulting deck, click here.

RLO Consulting will teach you to do exactly that. Everyone has the potential, they just need the tools to succeed. All you have to do is, just ask!

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